Saturday, 26 April 2014

What a wonderful world!

In every life comes both rain and sunshine.

Despite our trials and tribulations, we laugh when we encounter something that tickles our funny bone, momentarily completely forgetting all our troubles.

We thirst for Nature's gentle nourishing hand while dreading her heaving furious side.

There are beautiful, kind people who make life a lot easier and then there are those who make life difficult to lead.

Hopeless situations haven't even come close to extinguishing that tiny spark of optimism.

With so much darkness, we can still see the light.

So many opposites co-existing! Isn't all this a wonder?

What better describes this wonderful world than this beautiful, beautiful song by Louis Armstrong.

All you need to do is to kick off your shoes, get comfortable, close your eyes and let the song work its magic on you!

* Lyrics can be found here

For A-Z Challenge 2014


  1. I agree. All said and done, despite all the mess, it still is a wonderful world. We just need to make an effort to look out for the positive all around us, that's all.

  2. A positive song which we need frequently :)
    thanks for sharing

  3. Of course this is a wonderful world. It is for us to see the beauty and appreciate it.

    1. Yes Janu. But we are hell bent on ruining it.

  4. Easier said than done, but still true!

  5. Your thoughts have depth and wisdom. How well and simply you have expressed an entire mindset. Nobody said there was no sadness in the world. But then there is so much joy too. More joy than sorrow.... at least, that has been my experience. :)

    You make me feel very peaceful. It is a treat to read you Prathima. Someday I wish I can meet you. Bless you!

    1. Thank you so much Dagny You are very kind. The feeling is mutual Dagny. Am very glad that you have come across more joy than sorrow. :)