Thursday, 7 April 2016

Footloose - Oldies goldies

I think I came across this song for the first time on the 30 min English songs program aired every Sunday at 12.30pm on the radio during 80's. At that time, I was slowly getting into listening to English songs. I must admit that the initiation happened with Michael Jackson's 'Beat it'. :) 

The first time I heard this song, I was trying to understand the accent, the words, trying decipher what the song was all about and I thought Kenny Loggins was saying 'Full loose'! I remember wondering why anyone would want to sing that someone or everybody is totally mad (loose = mad / crazy in Kannada slang) :) Only later on did I understand it to be 'Foot loose' and that meant carefree. :)

But the peppy number had already grabbed my attention ad later on my interest.

Here it is, if you haven't heard it already and to those who know Kannada slang, pay close attention to how he says 'Footloose' :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Ehsaan tere hoga - Oldies goldies

The very mention of Shammi Kapoor brings to my mind a personality with unrestrained energy and unpredictable dance moves. Very difficult to associate soberness and restrained emotions with him. More so when the movie is named 'Junglee' (1961) where he lets loose his high energy dance moves in the the iconic "yahoooooo" song. 

The beautiful 'Ehsaan tera hoga' song in this movie, shows with Shammi at his restrained best. For me, the songs themselves in this movie are enough to depict his transformation from a junglee to a human! 

Such versatility!

Which song of Shammi's do you like best?

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Dil ka diya - Oldies goldies

One of the best songs I have come across which really helps unwind after a long day is this one. For me, the best way is to make oneself comfortable in a quiet place, switch off the lights, close your eyes and let the song flow over you. It has this soothing non-intrusive quality to it which relaxes you in no time.

The song I am talking about is  'Dil ka diya' from the movie Akashdeep (1968). Mellifluous indeed.

Here's the instrumental version if you prefer this.

Which song helps you unwind?

For A-Z Challenge 2016

Monday, 4 April 2016

Chandan sa badan - Oldies goldies

There was a time when Mukesh's songs were a constant fixture around me, by choice. My choice. Call me crazy if you like. 

Contrary to the widely held belief that he has sung only sad songs, there are several beautiful non-sad songs too from him. Surprised? You don't believe me? Then you have to listen to this. I too was surprised and couldn't believe the first time I heard this song.  

Google Images
The lyrics of this song are so simple (unlike the complicated plot of the movie) & lovely and the singing just effortless. The result is a classic. The line 'kisi aur ko shaayad kam hogi, mujhe teri bahut zaroorat hain' makes me come back to this song time and again. 

Yes, I am talking about  'Chandan sa badan' from the film 'Saraswathichandra' (1968). Incidentally, there was a Star TV series with the same name and storyline directed by Sanjay Leela Bansali.

With very little background music where the singing parts are in the song, it is refreshingly pleasing to listen.

Chandan sa badan

Which non-sad songs of Mukesh do you like?

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Bekarar karkey - Oldies goldies

I used to hear my mum and aunt talk about the movie 'Bees Saal Baad'(1962) a lot, saying how scary it is, how hauntingly melodious the rendering of "kahin deep jaley kahin dil" is, how handsome Biswajeet is, etc etc. As I did not have access to video tapes or player nor were CDs in vogue then, there was no opportunity to watch this movie. Not that I am a big movie buff or horror movie buff for that matter.  But somehow this movie intrigued me, esp after listening to my mum and aunt wax eloquent about it. 

Google Images

A few years later, an opportunity presented itself to watch this movie on our black and white television. And I was hooked & was indeed s**t scared every time THE hand appeared suddenly in the movie! It being a B&W movie only added that extra edge to the horror with the dense fog, dilapidated buildings, dense foliage, night times, anklets and what not. Brrrrrrrr!
Google Images

Thankfully, in between bouts of trembling in terror, to my delight & relief, I found that all the songs were indeed mellifluous.  More than 'kahin deep jaley kahin dil', for me it was Hemant Kumar's sonorous rendering of 'Bekaraar karke hamein' that caught my fancy and made me into a lifelong fan of Hemant Kumar's singing. The way he has sung the line 'aap ko hamari kasam laut aayiye' just tugs the heart strings every single time.  

Loved the movie and loved the songs! A wonderful experience.

Here's the song for you. 

Bekaraar Karke Humain

Hope you  enjoy it as much as I did and do. :)

For A-Z Challenge 2016

Friday, 1 April 2016

Aa chal ke tujhe - Oldies goldies

As part of AtoZ 2016 challenge, it gives me great pleasure to share with you some timeless melodies, shot in the black and white era of cinema, which have made some impact on me one way or the other. The black and white picturization has a charm of its own. 

For today's post - the opening post - I present to you this song which for me, contains much positivity and hope. Kishore Kumar's voice and the simple background music makes listening to this tune so pleasurable.
(Courtesy : Google Images)
Every time I listen to it, I feel as if a strong, powerful hand is clasping my hand, to take me on a journey of cheer and joy! Never fails to cheer me up when I need it.

This melody is from the movie Door Gagan ki Chhaon Main (1964)

Aa chal ke tujhe main leke chalu

Enjoy the classic! And would love to know if you too have such a favourite song which lifts your mood and infuses hope.

Monday, 15 February 2016

A dicey situation - What's the solution?

One evening, while waiting on the platform to get into the train home, I noticed a lady waiting for the same train. Since it was only two of us in that section of the platform and with nothing much to do, I thought of striking a conversation with her as is my usual habit with fellow passengers. The look she gave when she saw me smile was a tad forbidding and immediately with my smile wiped off, I decided to keep to myself. From where I stood on the platform, I could see that she was physically challenged as she had a stick with an arm-brace to support her while walking and standing, However, I could not figure out the extent of her condition.

A train soon came by and she got in. I hopped into the next train, found a place to stand, pulled out the book I was carrying and was completely absorbed in reading it. 

Image courtesy : Google
At one of the stops, I heard a female voice nearby, scolding someone loudly. I looked up and was surprised to see the same lady in the carriage I was in. She had got in at that stop and that voice belonged to her. She was scolding a fellow passenger - a gentleman who was standing right next to me. It appeared from the tirade that when the train had jerked forward after the doors closure, he had extended his hand instinctively to steady this lady. Apparently the lady had not received this gesture all that well. Someone vacated a seat for her and immediately upon sitting down, she even whipped out her phone and took pictures of this gentleman and threatened to sue him for molestation.

Image courtesy : Google
I say gentleman because, if he was a molester he had plenty of chances to molest me or another girl who was standing right in front of him. But he didn't, and he certainly wasn't waiting for this lady. I felt sad for him because he was unnecessarily getting berated for his instinctive kind gesture. After apologizing profusely to her, he just stood there silently allowing her to berate him & take his pictures too!

This entire incident shocked me because people giving & receiving a steadying hand is quite common as the trains do lurch sporadically and I just could not understand her intense anger. During such lurches, I have seen people shooting out their arms instinctively to protect a child from falling down from his seat if she/he is not holding onto the guard rail; same with adults who are standing without holding onto the grab pole or are about to settle down in their seats. Why was this gesture misconstrued by the lady!

Tried my best to understand the lady's reaction. Maybe she thought that he was really molesting her or that he was showing pity on her (which no one wants). Maybe she just didn't want that steadying hand and could have managed to steady herself. Maybe she had a bad day or maybe her self respect dictated her reaction. At the same time, felt that instead of the tongue lashing she gave him, maybe if she had just said, "Thanks, but I can manage by myself", the situation would have been managed well. Also, that especially after this incident, he might think twice or thrice before he lends a helping hand or he may even look the other way when someone is genuinely in need of support.

It's been months since this incident took place and it's unforgettable. Even to this day I wonder what is the right thing to do in such situations, so that the sensibilities of a physically challenged person are not offended and a person's instinctive kind gesture towards him/her is not misconstrued.

Kill with kindness or kill the kindness? What is the middle path? Would love to know.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Have a heart #hearthealth

The news of a quite young cousin hospitalized for a by-pass surgery came as a shock, as he had been healthy. It's one thing to hear or read about these things happening to someone whom we don't know, but when it happens to a dear one or ourselves, it can hit really hard.

Once I got over the initial shock, I turned to the Internet to gain some understanding of his condition. I was also interested to know more about the procedure that would be performed. Wiki and Youtube came to my rescue. 

I read up on and watched videos of double bypass, triple bypass surgeries. Brought home the point that ANYONE is susceptible, age be damned! It was interesting to note the causes of the blocking of the arteries, how some of these surgeries are performed with the stopping of the heart (and later restarted) and some without stopping the heart. Saw just how delicate the arteries supplying blood to the heart muscles were and how deftly the procedure was performed. Wondered how super confident the surgeons must be of their knowledge and surgical skills; how rock steady their hands must be in order to perform successfully such a complex, intense, delicate, life-saving procedure with such precision; how well co-ordinated the surgical team must be; how immensely satisfied the surgical & care giving teams must be, once they see their patients alive & back on their feet. Wondered if they felt like God for giving a fresh lease of life to their patients!
Image courtesy : Google
Image courtesy : Google

As the surgery videos progressed, I watched with growing fascination the fist sized organ beating away industriously as if - it was afraid to stop lest that human dies; it knew just how high the stakes were on its continued functioning; it was saying, "You make whatever repairs you need to while I continue my job". This little vital engine starts its function when the foetus is 4 weeks old and keeps on working tirelessly ever since. Had a lump in my throat and for the first time, felt ever so grateful to my heart for keeping me alive, without even one little complaint. 

This incident made me see in a state of greater awareness & different perspective, the health of my own heart. Felt ashamed that I hadn’t paid much attention earlier. It was time to take a real hard look on the changes I needed to make sure that my heart stays healthy and started taking action. Started with eating healthy, having an exercise regimen, regular health checks. It is a work in progress.

 There are advertisements of health food, healthy oils saying "your heart will say thank you to you". I would say that we should say "Thank you" not only to our hearts, but to other organs too!

I implore you to make a conscious effort towards a healthy lifestyle. That would be so worth it. Why wait till something untoward happens?  

Have a heart.  Dil dadhakne do. Without any problems.