Monday, 13 April 2015


He was shocked beyond belief. 

"How could this ever happen?!"

That morning had dawned just like others had. Bright and sunny, full of promise and energy. He had quickly dressed and left for office looking forward to hand over the completed project he had so painstakingly nurtured for years. 

He had been looking forward to celebrations that would take place for his long and loyal service. The completion of his pet project and his completion of 15 years in the company, all dovetailed nicely. He had felt on top of the world. The company had been through several ups and downs during those years. But he had stuck through. 

He had shared all this with his wife of 15 years. He fleetingly noticed that she wasn't her usual chirpy self. From the past few days he had noticed that she had been a bit quiet. He had had decided to have a chat with her that evening about it. Their marriage too had gone through many ups and downs, mimicking the company's fortunes. But he had stuck through.

Their relationship had begun when they both joined the same company. She had progressed faster than he had and was now his boss. However, there was no ego issues between them and he had actually enjoyed working in her team.

At his desk in office, there had been a note to meet the boss.

She had smiled a bit nervously while handing him a sealed envelope.

He had picked it up with a smile and opened it slowly. The smile had been immediately wiped off and his face had gone white. He certainly had not seen this coming.

He had been jilted. Big time.

It was a letter terminating his services in the company, with immediate effect. He had believed in loyalty. Obviously,  the company didn't.

For A-Z Challenge 2015


  1. Oh why? :( He seemed to be such a loyal employee :(

    1. Looks like the company didn't need him anymore. It amy not have anything to do with his loyalty Swathi.
      Dr. Kalam had said that ""Love your job but don't love the company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you." :)

  2. so many people I know went through this. love the way you weave a story for every theme :)